Sunglasses !!! (My Day)

I am writing this as i am eating 2 pancakes and flavored water (lemon and lime).I just recently bought these sunglasses that were really cheap and i just love them i think they suit me and i love the style i am wearing them inside the house it’s not even that sunny (ha ha ) but whatever its summer.

I am having a pretty productive day my mom woke me at like 8:40 because she was bringing my little brother to the train station as he was going on a trip. I decided to go i dno why tbh but i had an early start. Then we went and did a little shopping (food)  and then  i came home and went running as part of my new summer resolution then i came back and ate 2 pancakes and took some photo’s for my blog and uploaded them so overall it has been a good day. I have done a lot and it only 14:35

So that has been my day so far thought i would update ye so finally here are the sunglasses. My laptop is not working for me right now and i am being so productive ughhh!!!



Envelope Skirt : 4 ways (casual)

So lately envelope  skirts have been in trend and i bought one and i realized that i didint have anywhere a bit fancy to go to and i wanted to get use out of my purchase and summer is the perfect time to wear i as it is a bit warmer. IMG_4645 IMG_4652 IMG_4658 IMG_4659 IMG_4662 IMG_4663 IMG_4665 IMG_4673 IMG_4674 I honestly love all these outfits and i am totally wearing them during summer.

Exspiration!! AKA Exercise inspiration !!!!!! (haha)

So Yesterday i went for a walk with my mom and my brother we were waiting for my sister to get back to the school as she was on a school tour. We went to this park right next to the school and they had just recently built a new playground so my brother wanted to go ,it was so beautiful you were by the river to the playground was so fun. My mom and I went walking around they park as they built new paths it was so nice and the green grass and the sun was shinning my mom and i really inspired to come here more while the lads are at school.

I thought to myself

I know its a bit late after new years but you know what its never to late to make resolutions and Summer is the best time to start because you have more time as you are on Summer holidays. I am never really able to to keep my resolutions so i never really make resolutions but this summer i am determined to keep my resolutions . You are probably thinking would you ever tell me your resolutions so here there are.

  1. Workout – im not saying i do no exercise i do a lot actually but i want to focus on proper work out like strength etc
  2. Eat Healthy – this is probably the hardest one as i have the biggest sweet tooth but i am determined to eat healthy as it improves your skin to

So i came home and took a few pictures for my blog and then decided to pick out a cute workout outfit if i saw a cute outfit to workout in id have to go and ware it to workout .I LOVE RUNNING and the park really inspired me to go run some more.

So here is the outfit

IMG_4605 IMG_4596 IMG_4598 IMG_4606

This outfit is super cute and i love the bag as it is reversible so you can have the purple side as the outside or the black side as outside. I decided to go for the purple side out as my outfit was very black and white and lately i am loving just the pop of color!!

I hope this inspired you !!

Sweatpants Crazy !!!!!!!!!!

So recently i have been a little sweatpants crazy they are just so comfy and just easy to hang around in. You can dress them up or down depending on the style. Even though i haven’t had a lot of lazy days which are the perfect time to wear sweatpants if i had a busy day and was wearing jeans all day and when i get home all i want to do is get into something more comfy. I have bought about 2 sweatpants in like 3 days oops. Lately i have just seen really really cute sweatpants.,

So here are my favorite sweatpants ATM !!!

  1. I live these first pants as they have a bot of color that i need in my wardrobe i wore a plain white t -shirt so that the pants would be the main item i also wore a blue and gold charm bracelet to tie in with the light blue on the pants
    IMG_4613 IMG_4615 IMG_4616
  2.  I love these grey and black pants with a bit of leather type thing they are so comfy and a bit more edgy than the others , i love them and i got them on sale so that’s a plus ! I wore a denim jacket just so the outfit wouldn’t all  be black ,grey and white and also to add a bit of texture.


IMG_4620                         3 .  I love these pants i think they are  so cool and chic with the sunglasses i decided not to ware shoes cause i was to lazy to put on my converse (ha ha typical me !!) i think this outfit would be perfect for a lazy hot summer day.

IMG_4626   So i hope you liked this post and i am sorry i havent posted alot its just that i have been really busy even though i am on summer holidays !!

Jewelry is my new BFF !!!!!!!!!!

So for the last few days jewelry has been my new best friend  , i was never really a jewelry kinda person well i would ware a necklace about twice a month (maybe an exaggeration ha ha ) , but lately i have purchased a number pieces of jewelry. I  feel that lately well the last week has been really busy and i didn’t have time to spend a lot of time on my outfit. I feel that if i just ware a plain t -shirt and throw on a necklace it makes my outfit a bit fancier (is that a word?)  and makes it look like i spent a lot of time on my outfit. I even keep a necklace in my bag now because most likely i would forget to put on a necklace so it is in my bag just in case i need to jazz up my outfit ha ha.,



I love this necklace because it is not to out there but is still really really unique and cute:))))))))))


Summer OOTD

So today was a pretty hectic day i just finished my exams yesterday,they went ok. My mom woke me up well rang my phone at like 10.30 to tell me to get up cause she was at work and she was coming to collect me to go to my brother and sister sport day.It was pretty fun i guess lot of old memories.Then my brother and sister both had an appointment and we were waiting for 2 hrs. So i definitely needed something comfy but yet cute to ware

So here is my outfit;)))

IMG_4502 IMG_4504 IMG_4506 IMG_4516 IMG_4520 So my grey top is from primark so are my shoes and denim jacket (i luv my primark or penneys) ha ha my jeans are from newlook and my bag is also from Penneys

So heres my outfit hope it gives ye some ideas :))))))

ootd : Study day

Hey so today i woke up pretty early actually , my plan for the day was to try and study as my exams are only 2 days away.

I had 2 scones (plain) they were fresh and so good im not a breakfast person i don’ really like cereals so the scones really filled me. After breakfast i went swimming with my mom and my sister.

Then i came home and got dressed properly . Today was a very busy day I only got like an hour for study oops

so here is my outfit

IMG_4408[1] IMG_4409[1]

IMG_4419[1] IMG_4412[1] IMG_4417[1] IMG_4421[1] IMG_4422[1] IMG_4424[1] IMG_4425[1]   My jumper is from Victoria Secret Pink ,shoes – converse ,and my jeans are from newlook. Hope u liked my study / casual day outfit

Update !!!

I am going to start a summer lifestyle ,fashion ,exercise ,beauty series. I have only four more school days left yaya so i will be able to post a lot better posts and be able to take really good pictures of outfits etc

That was just a little update so ya look forward to much better posts. I have exams starting in 2 days and they are lasting 4 days so i really need to study and i don’t have time to post as often but in a week i will post as much as i can. it might be everyday one week and the following week i might only post once.

I am going to stop now cause it is 11.30 pm and i need to study all day tomorrow so lets hope i can.

Summer Wardrobe essentials

Summer is so close and im going to tell you what summer clothing you need to have this summer (i used summer alot in one sentence ha ha)

1 the first clothing item you should have in your wardrobe is a good pair of shorts high wasted or not. Shorts are  so hand as they go with everything even in winter you could pair them over a pair if tights.

shorts2 i also love kimonos for the summer you can wear them dressed up or dressed down.I just love them.You can wear them to the beach over your bikini as a coverup

kimono3 finally i think my favorite one is a good romper/jumpsuit it is so easy to put on and if your in a rush they are great as u just put it on and you have an outfit and u look put together yet so comfortable.They are also great if you are not a fan of the traditional skirts and dresses,

romperhere are just a few examples.

So they were my top 3 summer wardrobe essentials there is a lot more but these ones are definitely my top 3.

Study Tips

summer is around the corner we all or most of us have to go through a week or a few days of exams so here are a few tips that help me.

1 Exercise I think that exercise is so important after a long day at school or work exercise  just clears ur mind and helps u to focus u could go running , dancing , anything that u like

2 Eating healthy this is probably the hardest one to keep to but if u eat brain food it helps u to focus and to study

3 Another thing that helps me study is to rewrite important points this tip really helps

4 This point dose not work for everybody but I listen to music while i study with headphones it helps me to block out any distractions , to focus and i also don’t get bored as fast

I hope these tips help .;)summer quote